Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Deborah and I would like to wish everyone incredible success in 2010. We know so many who have had a challenging year in 2009 and we are hopeful that 2010 will prove to be a year filled with incredible opportunities for everyone!

Thank you so much for all of your support last year and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.
Tamara and Deborah

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Traditions...

"PIE NIGHT" ...My Favorite Holiday Tradition!!!

Some people prefer to keep these special traditions to themselves, but I prefer to share with all of you in hopes that some of you will either be inspired to begin your own holiday tradition or share in mine :)

When I was growing up my mom's best friend Chris had this wonderful thing she called Pie Night! It was held annually the night before Thanksgiving and we all gathered in her home Pie! It was so much fun and it was a grat way to prepare our stomachs for the challenge that lie ahead the following day...Thanksgiving Dinner :)

Unfortunately, for all of us, Chris moved away to live near the Lake a couple of years ago and Pie Night was lost...I really began to miss the time together and it really did start off the holiday season for my family.
My husband and I were talking one afternoon about traditions for our family. Times that we would remember and events we could create so that our friends would look forward to them and our children would remember them. We thought about a Halloween Party, but too many friends already hosted Halloween. New Year's Eve might have been fun, but it goes so late and babysitters cost a fortune. We really wanted to create an event that adults and children could both enjoy! I mentioned how much I enjoyed Pie Night and how much I would love to carry on the tradition, but make it a little different. Although he was a little bit unsure at first, we just completed our second Annual Pie Night and it was a HUGE success!! My husband and I were joking the next day that we will have to tent the backyard and get a band if we have any more guests next year!!

The Secrets of Pie Night!!!
So, these are some of the things that we do for our Annual Pie Night...some you may like and care to adopt and some you might pass over, but all of the below proved important to a successful party...

*We send out an invitation and it invites everyone to "Kick-Off the Holidays" with us. The key here is everyone is welcome and you really need to be prepared for this. The bottom line is alot of people have extended family in town for Thanksgiving, so our rule is ALL are welcome, whether you bring two people, nine people or come with just your family, we welcome EVERYBODY to celebrate with us.
*We ask everyone to bring their favorite sweet. This year we requested that everyone bring their favorite "Homemade" Sweet. It was incredible because we had everything from Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies to Pumpkin Cupcakes along with every pie imaginable. The most requested pie at our house is Aunt Jen's Kentucky Derby Pie!!and we are lucky she humors us all by turning up with it!
*I decorate my entire house for Christmas with the exception of the decorations on my Christmas Tree. I ask that everyone eat, drink and put three ornaments on my tree to help me complete my home. Then, I vow to leave it alone...however my guests decorate it (and we have some wildcards in our group) I leave it just the way they did it. My husband, son and I then place our special ornaments on the tree on Thanksgiving.
*The Kids...The Kids...and we have tons of kids (all different ages) that come to Pie Night, so we have a woman who comes and makes holiday items with them up in the gameroom. We put a Holiday Movie on and they can make anything from ornaments for their trees to placecards for their Thanksgiving Table...whatever their hearts desire!

The rest of Pie night consists of just enjoying each other's company and catching up with everyone while enjoying lots of sweets accompanied by plenty of holiday libations.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season enjoying their friends and families!
XOXO, Tamara

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Westin Stonebriar Resort

This week's first pick should not be too much of a surprise for those of you who know me, as the Westin Stonebriar Resort is where I held my wedding reception celebration over four years ago. I had an absolutely wonderful and beautiful celebration and much of that was due to the incredible job the Stonebriar did.

What I loved??? There were really five BIG reasons that I chose the Stonebriar and I believe Brides today are still choosing it based on these things. #1 I love the resort feel. Now, this is a personal preference of course, but I absolutely love environments where I can swim, golf, spa...aka: RELAX! I love to RELAX and I don't do it nearly enough. #2 It has the most elegant "Texas" flair. I was living in NY when I was planning my wedding and we had soooooooooo many people coming in from out of town so I was so happy to find a place that would give everyone a little taste of "The Texas" :) #3 Ann Evans! She was the catering sales manager at the time and I clicked with her right away. Although Ann has moved on and is now at the Westin Galleria, when I met the current Director of Catering, Jill Price, I felt the same way. They have a world class team and they are very, very serious about taking care of their clients. #4 The Pool...OK, I know it sounds silly, but did I mention I got married in August and it is hot as blazes in Texas in August??? The Westin Stonebriar has a FABULOUS pool with an awesome water slide!! The kids and my husbands friends can all attest to the waterslide being alot of fun! #5 F& that is what we hotel people call food and beverage and the culinary experience at the Stonebriar was outstanding! I still serve the La Crema Pinot Noir we all had with dinner at my annual "Pie Night"...more on that later.

The Ballrooms...are perfect. Elegant, very nicely appointed and very neutral in color. You can do absolutely ANYTHING in them decor wise and it will be beautiful! If you are getting married in Dallas you must take some time...go North...and visit the Westin Stonebriar Resort. It is well worth the drive. A little piece of Heaven right here in Frisco!!! Visit or call 972.668.8000 and ask for Jill Price!
XOXO, Tamara

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Plaza

She is an doubt about that and after a gazillion dollar renovation two years ago she looks awfully pretty too.

The Plaza is one of those places in New York everyone has heard of. It is one of the most beautiful buildings architecturally in the city and impossible to miss as it sits at one of the main entrances to Central Park. I have always loved the Plaza Hotel!!!!

The Oak Room and Oak Bar are the bomb. It is painfully pricey(isn't everything in NY??), but the food is impeccable and the service is second to none. It is such a warm and posh environment and they do allow private parties so make sure to look into these spaces for rehearsal dinners and more intimate receptions...or you can just splurge on a romantic dinner for two to celebrate your Engagement or Anniversary!!! They have added a Champagne Bar in the Lobby that is wonderful too. It is a perfect little spot to grab a drink before or after dinner.

The Ballroom...The Ballroom...The beautiful. Is there really any other description of this gorgeous room. Now, on the sort of odd side last time I saw it it was missing a chandelier in the center of the room...heard a few different stories of its whereabouts...but still not sure it turned up. Regardless, the room is beautiful and I love the balconies, but just something I noticed...The catering operation is run by a company called Great Performances and the young ladies and gentlemen there call themselves CPS Events. It is a great crew of people at the Plaza...many who I had the opportunity to work with at the Waldorf=Astoria. If you are interested in planning a special celebration with them please contact Emily Riefel.

The Terrace Room...The Terrace Room...The Terrace perfect for ceremonies and a beautiful room indeed. I do believe it requires a fairly large room rental, but it sems worth it and fair for such a gorgeous place to host your wedding ceremony.

The Hotel is run by Fairmont and you can visit them at for a quick look at the legendary Plaza Hotel. Eloise loved it as I would imagine all of you would as well. Enjoy!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pierre

We were fortunate enough to do a beautiful wedding at the Pierre a few weeks ago and it was nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

The Ballrooms are absolutely beautiful!!! The hotel seems like it was perfectly built for a wedding ceremony, cocktails and dinner reception for 300 guests. I am not sure I can think of a better scenario for a wedding of this size in the city.

The guest rooms at The Pierre are stunning! Debs and I stayed in a beautiful one bedroom suite when we were there and we had every amenity at our fingertips. The rooms were gorgeous and I felt right at home...did you know they velcro the curtains to the wall so they always look perfect...just a little tidbit. I also really, really love the elevator operators!!!! There is just something about stepping into the elevator, seeing that little red velvet seat in the corner and being greeted by someone that pushes the button for me (my two year old does it too, but it just seems different :)). It is just one of those luxuries in life that I LOVE! The guest rooms and some of the public spaces have undergone a renovation recently and the style is really perfect in my humble opinion. The Lobby Bar is wonderful. The food is wonderful and service is great. I had a wonderful experience there!!!

Lastly, I must mention the group of gentlemen that work at The Pierre. These guys are AMAZING and they don't miss a beat. Bill Spinner and Chris Edmunds were impeccable. We appreciated them so much and cannot wait to work with them again. When you have a chance visit and check out the Pierre! If you are interested in hosting your wedding celebration or any other special event at The Pierre contact Bill Spinner...he is the King of Catering over there...I'm not sure of his official title so that's what I call him.
XOXO, Tamara

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The St. Regis Hotel in New York

Honestly folks, this blog is going to be short and sweet.

Bottom Line...If you can afford to stay at the St. Regis or host your wedding celebration should do it. There are absolutely zero reasons why you shouldn't. It is a world class hotel in a the greatest city on earth.

Visit to get a little look at this beautiful paradise in the middle of the concrete jungle.
XOXO, Tamara

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York Palace Hotel

When you land on this beautiful hotel's page you will see the following flash across the screen alongside stunning photographs of a legendary place.
"Iconic Address, Inherent Charm, Exceptional Service, Luxury at Every Turn, Truly NY"
Well, I could go on and on, but that just about sums it up! This hotel is my second favorite behind the Waldorf...maybe because of it's unique Ballroom space with a beautiful domed ceiling, the hip bar in the middle of a completely traditional environment or pehaps it is the beautiful view of St. Patrick's Cathedral from the courtyard. I imagine it could be all the amazing history that you feel the minute you enter.
Now, of utmost importance and absolutely no relevance, I had my first celebrity sighting at the Palace when I moved to NY. My older brother, Mark, told me I had to call him immediately (no matter the time of day) when I saw my first official celebrity. Well, there I was on a Sunny Sunday afternoon after being in NY for a week, when I was passing by The Palace and nearly ran right into...MR. T. Yep, as a child of the 80's and a girl with two brothers who were totally addicted to "The A-Team"...this was a HUGE sighting. Of course the call was immediate to Mark who whole heartedly approved of this initial experience!!!
Now, the only challenge with the Palace is that it is a smaller ballroom. They can hold 150-200 (if everyone's skinny), but it is a beautiful place and the people I have come to know in our industry that find themselves working there are always warm and kind. The guest rooms are touted as the Biggest and Best in NY and although I have not had the privilege of staying there I believe it and I always recommend this hotel for friends visiting the city!!!
Take some time and visit I am sure you will be impressed.
XOXO, Tamara

Monday, September 28, 2009

Waldorf=Astoria Hotel

I would normally end my week of blogging with my favorite, but this week I will begin with my #1 pick for NY Hotels. Debs and I do indeed have a certain loyalty to the Waldorf=Astoria after working there for over 11 years combined, but we do honestly believe that the Waldorf is the most incredible hotel we have ever had the privilege of working in.
They have the most beautiful facilities, an unparalleled culinary team and a great staff. The spaces are beautifully appointed, very elegant...although from the picture to the right you can see you can certainly achieve "over the top" if that is what you are going for. From grand events to intimate settings the Waldorf has it all. The spaces are seperated brilliantly, so even though you are in a large facility with potentially several events taking place, you will feel a real privacy alongside very personalized attention.
The photo to the right is of one of my favorite weddings!! I had the pleasure of working on this wedding at the Waldorf=Astoria in 2005 with an incredible team of people. This photo can be found in Preston Bailey's book "Inspirations" in Chapter Four where this entire wedding is highlighted. It was an incredibly detailed event with on of the most gracious families I have had an opportunity to work with! We were all proud to be such a big part of this special celebration.
You can find more photos of weddings at the Waldorf on their website and also on Weddings were featured in Inside Weddings Magazine in the Fall 2007 Issue "A Secret Garden" and also in the Winter 2006 Issue "Made in Manahattan". Enjoy!!!
If you are planning a wedding in NY you should definitely spend some time with the wonderful wedding crew at the Waldorf=Astoria hotel. Contact Alan Shukovsky, Director of Social Catering with any inquiries at 212.872.4766.
The Waldorf=Astoria has truly created a Legacy built on Romance, Precision and Glamour!
XOXO, Tamara

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New York Magazines...

Well, the new issues are not on the stands yet, so you all get a break from me for a week!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day and we will chat again Monday the 28th!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling Mr. Winston...

Is there anyone out there that does not know of the Diamond King Harry Winston?? It goes without saying that his jewelry is constantly sough after and his diamonds are the biggest and the most beautiful...STUNNING is probably the best description of this gentlemans designs!! oh...and EXPENSIVE!

I have had the pleasure of meeting one of the Winston men in 1997 in Beverly Hills. I was with on of my best friends Arian on our Texas Tech University Choir Tour and we were admiring the Harry Winston window on Rodeo drive when we were invited in by the security guards! We were then greeted by a wonderful gentlemen who asked us what we were looking for...obviously in our matching choir tour shirts and jeans we were not in the market for Harry Winston, but he was wonderful to us and asked us if we wanted to see something he had just gotten in?? We obliged and he brought out the most stunning diamond necklace valued at over 5 million dollars that had just been flown in that morning. I was far to scared to touch it...Mom always told me not to touch anything in a store I couldn't afford to buy, but Arian was so gracious and brave and he placed it right around her pretty little neck. It was one of the largest diamond pieces I have ever seen close up and I was amazed by it's extraordinary art deco design. I had never seen anything like it before. The gentleman finally removed the necklace and then told us to make sure to watch the Oscars as one of the most famous women in the country would have it on that weekend. Both of us think Madonna wore it as that was the year Evita was out and we both remember it being a huge music idol...but 10 years and a few kids later our memories are a little worn, so that's our Harry Winston story and we're stickin' to it!

You are CRAZY if you don't take a few minutes to explore the world of Harry Winston at My personal favorite is the Marquesa Aquamarine Cocktail Ring shown in the Colored Stone Rings category!! Enjoy the beauty of Mr. Winston.
XOXO, Tamara

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jude Francis...or is it Frances??

Jude Frances is jewelry designed by women for women creating a really beautiful style!! With a vintage feel these two wondeful ladies have hit home with me!!!

"Although they admit that they are as different as white and yellow gold, when Jude and Frances met at a charity dinner in 2002, they instantly knew they would make ideal business partners. Today, not only have they become best friends, they have turned their line into a multi-million dollar company. "We are there for each other through thick and thin. Not a day goes by when we don't talk," says Jude.

Frances, mother of two and former owner of an interior design firm, oversees design and operations for JudeFrances. She was born in the English countryside and favors the more romantic, classic styles. Her favorite piece in the line is a JudeFrances diamond monogram necklace that Jude designed especially for her as a birthday gift. Frances is inspired by architecture. In fact, the new Venetian Collection launching in June 2007 was inspired by a trip she and Jude took to Italy for Frances' 40th birthday. "The iron grill work I saw in Venice inspired our new diamond overlay designs."

Jude, mother of three, leads sales and marketing. This Texas native inspires the edgier side of the line. Her favorite piece in the line is a white gold cuff bracelet with a diamond cross that Frances gave her as a birthday gift. Jude is inspired by fashion and style and has a knack for staying ahead of fashion trends. "

Their jewelry can be found primarily in Neiman Marcus stores. For more information and a look at the beautiful jewelry these women create please visit
XOXO, Tamara

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank Heavens for Cellini...

Well, how could I begin this week of blogging about Bling! Bling! Bling! without mentioning and highlighting the incredible people who are responsible for what lies on my left hand???

Cellini! Cellini! Cellini!

When you first approach this store, located on the Lobby level of the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in NY, you can see people with wide eyes staring into the windows. Now, this could be because the rule is that nothing under 5 carats goes in the window or it could be because they are staring at one of the most gorgeous jewelry collections I have had the pleasure of viewing. This place can definitely cause some heart palpitations for the men in your life, especially the ones who might be asking for your hand soon, but I will have you know when you step in you will immediately be put at ease by the lovely ladies and gentlemen that stand behind the counters.

I have walked into most of the "Big" diamond places...I had an incredible experience with one of my best friends at Harry Winston in LA where we actually met the Harry Winston (more later this week), but Tiffany & Co., Cartier and on and on...I have walked through the doors of all of them and noone compared, in my mind, to Cellini. To this day I have an enormous amount of respect for them and the way they treat their clients.

A little about my husbands and I experience with them...My husband was definitely a little intimidated when we first went in together to talk to them about engagement rings. Being a wedding planner for so many years, I have seen about a million diamond rings in my life and was looking for a sapphire and diamond engagement ring with a sapphire being the center stone. This was even more challenging for my husband as he was nervous to find the perfect ring. We spent some time with Cellini together and I told them what I was looking for. They then spent some time with my husband to chat with him about his budget for the ring. They educated him on Sapphires and then told him to bring me back on Saturday and they would share with us a sampling of sapphire engagement rings in his budget. They clearly took this very seriously as on that Saturday when we walked in there was a beautiful display of sapphire rings selected just for me!!! Now, here is the secret ladies...her name is LAUREN! Meet lauren, ask for Lauren and support Lauren because she will not only make sure your man feels comfortable, but she will make sure that you get what you need/want!!! There was a clear favorite in my mind amongst these sapphire rings and although I never "said it" she read my emotions and in about three weeks it was sitting on my left hand. I LOVE my Ring and I am always proud to wear it.

Needless to say, there have been several other purchases at Cellini since then and they always offer great advice and are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have worked very hard to establish a long term relationship with myself, my husband and many of our friends. We lookforward to working with them on fine jewelry and watch purchases whenever able for a very long time. Please take a moment to explore Cellini at or at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel at 301 Park Avenue in New York City. We know you will enjoy your time with them as we always do!!!

XOXO, Tamara

Friday, August 28, 2009


Dallas Brides Magazine published by Modern this magazine I really love. The reasons are really simple and perhaps it is because it is a fairly new publication and there is a level of sophistication and expectation by the wedding readers, but they have impressed me and I hope they will continue to!

Reason #1 Sophisticated wedding gown spread...WOW! This shoot is set in one of my favorite places of all time the St. Regis Hotel, New York and Modern Luxury has managed to find the most stunning and sophisticated gowns that are fashion forward, yet not too much that they wouldn't be selected by a semi-conservative Southern Bride. Brilliant! and Stunning photos to boot by a NY photographer named Jill Wachter . Please checkout her website...she is extraordinary at her work. My favorite gown in this spread is the Reem Acra "White Cloud" gown...and how elegant it looks in this photo with gloves...Brides beware...the Debutantes will definitely be after this one...

Reason#2 TONS of articles/editorial...this is what I LOVE in a magazine. There are a significant number of advertisements as well, but I don't feel like there is so much advertising I cannot clearly find the articles I seek. None of the articles in this magazine are too lengthy to read through quickly. Lots of one to two page articles and editorial that have lots of good information! I love the article on all of the upcoming trunk shows! Great Information! They have these little pages they call "Wed Dossier" and each page has a category. I love the Floral page...beautiful and slightly contemporary uses of floral and highlighting two of my favorites Mami of Botanical Art and Todd Fiscus back at Avant Garden???well, there he goes again...I cannot even begin to keep up with Todd. I wish I knew where he got that energy...Congratulations Todd!!!I also really love the "Wed Dossier" food page on the Incredible Shrinking Menu. I LOVE this concept and we have been using it in NY at the cocktail receptions there for a while. It is a great idea and helps with people going too crazy at the reception and then having no room for the three-course dinner that is soon to follow. Passing minis is great keeps lines down at stations (if there are any) and definitely keeps people mingling. Great article on a fabulous party food tip!

Reason #3...It's just pretty. It is a glamourous looking cover and it just makes me want to pick it up off the shelf and give it a home...mission accomplished Modern Luxury. Thank you and I look forward to the next!
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Blog Calendar!!!

Calendar of Events for September 2009!

Good morning all and Happy Thursday!
Below is the schedule for the month of September. Our focus will be Venues and Fashion! We will also spend a week on Local NY Publications, but we are waiting for the new issues to hit the stands which should be this stay tuned.

August 31-September 4, 2009
Bling! Bling! Bling! Do I really need to give you more of a summary here??? I think not...Let's talk some serious jewels!

September 7-11, 2009
Favorite NY Wedding Magazines
This week we will feature the Local NY publications and talk about what we love about them. There are a couple of EXCELLENT publications in NY. They are so inclusive and the editorial is great with so many incredible professionals in NY sharing their experience and advice! So well done in such a smart way.

September 28-October 2, 2009
Favorite New York Hotels
How we will narrow this down to 5 I have no idea, but I promise to give you the best of the best in this category!!! A distinguished list indeed. The Director's of these fine establishments will be sharing themselves with you, what they LOVE about their hotels and why theirs is the best for your wedding or special event!!!

October 5-9, 2009
Favorite Dallas Hotels
This is tough one too, but I think I know who you all love and I feel very much the same. One every day and again you will be hearing it straight from the horse's mouth! The best of the best share with you why their hotel is #1!

October 12-16, 2009
Let's Talk Fashion!
With only one week until the designers walk the Bridal Fashion runways in NY, let's talk about what we should expect and what we are all hoping for. I will be talking a bit about the designers I am most excited about seeing in NY. Some have established a legacy while others are new on the scene. I am so excited to share with all of you about these ladies and gentlemen!!!

We will publish the rest of the October calendar of Events on Thursday, October 1, 2009!!
XOXO, Tamara

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Texas Wedding Guide

The Texas Wedding Guide has been around for a long time in Dallas. I am going to guess at least 10 years... I have always liked this publication and think it has always been presented in a very elegant way. I have always liked the size of this publication and the way it feels when I hold it and read it. It feels like I am reading a book and I love that...not sure why...I just do.

I really like the way vendors are presented in this publication. They have a section called "How I found my perfect..." where real Texas Brides talk about how they found certain vendors and what they loved about their experiences with them on their wedding day. I think this is a great way to present this information!

The Real Weddings area is nice as well. They congratulate everyone on the initial page and then there are two pages on each individual wedding. Very well done and just a couple of photos of the most beautiful details or moments. The only thing I wish they would do differently is list all the vendors as most of them just list the photographer. I certainly understand them wanting to support their advertisers, but I think Brides like to know everyone involved...just a thought.

Lastly, and I have saved the best for last...I have always been a HUGE FAN of this publications insert wedding planning guide. It is smart and concise. It is helpful and filled with important and good information for couples that are getting married. This guide has been around since the beginning and it really is one of the best reasons to run to the store and grab The Texas Wedding Guide off the shelf. Enjoy!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Monday, August 24, 2009

D Weddings

Everyone Loves DWeddings!!!! It really is what most people
consider to be the best local wedding magazine, although there are some new publications that intend to give D a run for their money...I suppose only time will tell if they will be successful. D is such a powerful brand of magazines!!!

The wedding publication is filled with resources for Brides and Grooms...tons of advertisements and some editorial that helps Brides and Grooms find vendors in Dallas. The Real Weddings section is also plentiful...alot of really beautiful weddings with lots of really beautiful details and resources.

My favorite article in this particular issue is called "The Sweetest Things" and is not as much of an article as it is a photo spread with some really stunning wedding gowns. Most of the gowns are from Neiman Marcus Downtown, but a couple are from Stanley Korshak and some small Boutiques as well. My personal favorite is the Vera Wang Organza gown on page 96. I also love the Betsey Johnson corset gown although I wish I could see the whole thing (the model is seated)...At any rate, there is a page within the spread with some nice accessories which completes this fashion extravaganza. On the fashion topic, there is also a little page on Beautiful Bridesmaids gowns (page 58) and the Nocturne dress by Siri is one of the most elegant I have ever seen. Gorgeous!!!

A couple of other little items I found in this issue that I loved for you all are in the Gift Shop (page 56) the LAFCO soaps from NY...I LOVE THESE!! There is a great shot of Vintage cake toppers (page 64) and last, but not least there is a page guessed it HANDBAGS (page 51) and the Valentino, Edidi and Larisa Barrera are all a tie for most glamourous bag I have seen this week!!!

XOXO, Tamara

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bella Notte

Oh My Goodness...OK, so I admit...this one is a stretch, but you can register for these linens so I have made an executive decision that this is indeed wedding relevant. I just had the privilege of doing my guest room linens with this linen company and all I can say is the second my husband tells me he doesn't feel well, I am off to the guest room just so I can spend a night snuggling up to my new linens!!! Beautiful, Luxurious and Easy to Care for...everything is washable...what? Like in your washing machine at home??? Yep!

The website is and I will warn you now you WILL FALL IN LOVE and if anyone gets busted for purchasing these expensive linens without the proper didn't hear it from me. I had the pleasure of working with the ladies out at Simple Things in Fort Worth (817.332.1772) to design my linens and they were AMAZING! I could not be happier and I hope you all will be enjoying a little Bella Notte in your lives soon.

Oh, and Happy Birthday David!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I feel like this was one of the first major wedding websites out there and in my mind still one of the very best! Carley Roney is a Rockstar and everyone loves her. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times in NY and she was always such a lady. She is still giving Bride's great advice daily on this site and I know so many girls out there appreciate all of her gracious guidance.

The great things about this site are pretty evident when you land on the homepage. The wedding website and the website are very similar in appearance and setup, but once you click into the categories you will find things to be much different. The has the BEST wedding gown gallery...the most designers by a longshot and the best dresses. This site has a wedding of the week which is always beautiful and filled with great detail ideas and they have an unparalleled section of real weddings.

When I was married a few years ago I got a log-in for the knot and they personalized so many great resources for me. I had a wedding checklist, guest list and budget that I customized to help me keep track of everything. I recommend this to any Bride and Groom...even if you have people hired to assist you with everything, it is great to keep some of these tools privately so you always know where things are at.

The last thing I will say I love about the knot is that it doesn't forget about you after the wedding...I still log on and it tells me how many days it has been since my wedding (by the way I apparently had 184 items on my checklist incomplete...hard to believe...I'll have to look into that one day especially since our wedding went off without a hitch), but the best is that they have two additional sites called the nest and the visit for all of your wedding needs...visit for the post marital bliss stage (and also the stage where you have to figure out where to hide all the stuff he brought with him from college for your new home) and visit for all the pregnancy fun and excitement! I love that they stay with you and keep in touch! Enjoy tying the knot with the!
XOXO, Tamara

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good Morning! This is one of my absolute Favorite sites!!! I love the Wedding Channel website. I honestly don't know where to begin with this website. It is an infinite resource for brides and grooms. The home page is wonderful! Lots of items to go to and changed nearly daily. There is a little area for Wedding Buzz where brides can go to chat about everything under the sun. They have a few specialized categories everyday so that brides can see topics they might be interested in. There is another area for Celebrity Wedding Buzz which is always fun to read. They have a Wedding of the Day and they also have a Blog of the Week they focus on!

From wedding gown galleries to honeymoon locations, registries to wedding supplies this site has everything and tons of it. They also have an area where they focus on weddings by color which I am always inspired by. It is definitely one of my favorites. Take some time and look around this site. Make sure you check out the Wedding Cake Gallery on this site. I definitely think it is the best one out there! They also have an incredible area where you and your groom can design your own wedding website. Have fun!!! This site shares every detail of your special day!!! Visit Today!
XOXO, Tamara

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Your Party.Com

Good Morning!! I am still enjoying NY city and we have the distinct pleasure of attending the NY International Gift Show today!!! A convention center filled with over 2,900 vendors all with brilliant ideas to share with all of you! A very exciting day indeed. Wish us luck...Debs and I only have 9 hours to get through the entire place!!!

One of my favorite internet resources for parties is They have tons of items that help wrap up all of the little details of an event. From elegant menu cards to crazy straws this company has it all!!! You can design your own items or you can select items they have designed that you can find in their "Grab and Go" section. I designed the most adorable matchbox last year for a client that everyone raved about and the quality was wonderful!

They have recently added another website titled with a selection of save the dates and invitations. I have not had the opportunity to use this resource yet as I do prefer to touch and feel invites, however, they do offer samples so it looks like it is going to be a great resource as well.

Check out and have fun designing all of the details, details, details!!!
xoxo, Tamara

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello all and Happy Monday!!! I am enjoying a litle more time in NY this week with lots of friends, new clients and some past clients who are now dear friends.

Today I am going to talk a little about one of my favorite things in the entire world...Handbags... and since I am in NY let's honor someone in this fine city!!!

I love beautiful handbags and Clara Kasavina, in my humble opinion, makes some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I discovered this lovely woman's handbags over four years ago and was so excited to carry one of her designs on my wedding day. It was a beautiful pearl beaded bag with a vintage clasp and border at the top embellished with Crystallized Swarovski elements. The other detail I loved is that it had a jeweled letter "T" that clipped on to the front of my bag. I still carry it for special occasions, but I really think her bags have become more and more detailed and beautiful over the last four years. She has expanded her collection to include exotics, day bags and even some "one of a kind" bags. Her bags are expensive, but surprisingly handbag prices start at $200.00. Some of her most popular and detailed bags are in the $650.00 to $1500.00 range, but in my opinion they are absolutely worth it!

You can check out her website at for all of you Winter Bride's please check out the "Mink Bow Tie Clutch" which is absolutely stunning!!! It alone makes me want to get married again, but this time in the snow! See you tomorrow!!!!
xoxo, Tamara

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Martha Stewart Weddings

Hello all...I have arrived safely in NY and thought I would take a few minutes to share what I really enjoy about the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, which is my pick for today. I do think I am a fairly crafty person, but honestly there is alot in this magazine I would not even begin to attempt, for example, the cutting of paper garlands shown on page 150. With that said, however, I do think that this magazine's biggest strength is its ability to expose the smallest details of a wedding. If you are looking for little detailed items for your wedding (homemade or not) this is the magazine to source.
I folded down over 30 pages in this magazine with little details that inspired me for future events. I am inspired visually, so I am certain that alot of beautiful things in this magazine inspire Brides and Grooms. You could find something that you want to represent very much as you see it in the magazine or perhaps it inspires you to do something conceptually the same, but stylistically very different than what you see.
My favorite article in this issue is titled "Let them eat Cupcakes"!!! Now as I see it, the only immediate challenge with attempting to read this article is how badly you will be craving one of the aforementioned cupcakes when you finish! UGH! Original recipes and nothing too outlandish. BEAUTIFUL presentations and clever, clever, clever. The problem??? It appears you have to make them yourself...My favorites from this article...on the first page we find the most adorable cupcake they refer to as "Fresh Baked Blooms" a vanilla cupcake with yellow, ivory and pink Swiss meringue blossoms perched on top. Another cupcake they highight is called "Sugar and Spice" which is a pale pink with beautiful sugar brushed flower petals on top. The cupcake itself has jewels of candied ginger hidden inside a zesty ginger cake. Now, the one that will send me immediately up the street to the nearest bakery is the "Berry Delicious" This cupcake is nothing short of STUNNING and is meringue, split and filled with strawberry-rhubarb compote and cream whipped with creme fraiche...sounds right up my alley. Cupcakes can be used in so many ways at a wedding...they can be used on a Viennese Table at the Reception, they can be individually packaged and used as a favor as your guests depart, they can be used as a "Turn Down" amenity for your out of town guests at their hotels or as a welcome gift for can be assured that however you decide to use them, your guests are guaranteed a Sweet Ending!!
XOXO, Tamara

Elegant Bride!

First of all, my apologies for the late night blog this evening (Wednesday)...busy day packing for my trip to NY tomorrow, so the day got a little crazy...Good news for my readers is that you will get one post tonight and then again in the afternoon tomorrow once I have landed in NYC!!!
I do love an Elegant Bride and I really like this publication so much. I actually really READ this magazine...cover to cover...every article...and I always find that I learn alot and come away with some really great ideas for the future.
This Summer 2009 publication is no exception so let me share some of my favorite things from this issue...
First of all, just a really great favor idea...on page 24 they show this adorable photo of a chic sugar box tied with a ribbon. It is really pretty and a real twist on a favor box...They have filled it with Jordan Almonds, but I would imagine you could fill it with your favorite delicacy!! I am putting this one in my file so if you have time to grab this issue definitely check it out!
There are two articles which I really enjoyed in this issue of Elegant Bride. The first is called "Seaside Escape" and can be found on page 62. It is a story of a real wedding that took place at the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful party and really well done. The backdrop at the Ocean Club is really quite stunning, but this wedding really used the simplicity of the natural beauty of the environment to really make the event shine. Fresh colors in all of the ocean side dinner setting that was stylish, yet simple and elegant...tropical drinks like the "Beach Comber", "Bahama Mama" and "Love Potion"...paint brushes with calligraphied notes that said "Brush the Beach From your Feet"...and a cake that was so stylistically on target it graces the cover of this issue. It is definitely worth a look if you are planning a beach wedding. Congrats to all involved. Beautifully done!
The other article I really enjoyed was an article on St. Lucia called Sublime St. Lucia. It is a travel article really, but it highlights some of the beautiful resorts located on this Caribbean isle.
It talks about three resorts in particular which are Ladera (where I am certain I would not mind waking up every morning), Discovery at Marigot Bay and Cap Maison. The article also discusses the notable landmarks, including the Pitons, which are a pair of forest clad volcanic peaks. For couples considering the Caribbean this article is a must read and if anyone ends up at Ladera, where every suite in the 31 room resort is missing a fourth wall, please send me a note and tell me if it is as magical as it appears in this article.
Well, onto a little more packing. Until tomorrow...
XOXO, Tamara

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inside Weddings!

I am going to start off these national publications with my personal Favorite!! Just like with a brunch buffet where I insist on making my way over to dessert first!
I love this publication which started out as a West Coast Magazine and then became National a few years ago. This magazine screams STYLE! I am not sure that I could say it any better than the editor of this magazine, but she has hit the nail on the head when she says the following in her most recent letter..." We've filled our pages with editorial that brides love. We have the latest gown styles from the world's top designers...We found sparkling jewelry for the bride, beautiful invitation styles, and new discoveries perfect for unique weddings. As always, we featured breathtaking real weddings from brides just like you - more inspirational photos and fresh ideas than any other bridal magazine." I agree with all of the above!!
My favorite article in the Summer issue is the Jewelry Box article...From Vintage looks to bold colorful jewels all the items in this issue are truly stunning. There is also a great page on shoes and another on handbags, which although seem to be everywhere a bride looks, are the two things that are often present a challenge for brides. I am a handbag girl, so just to weigh in my favorite handbag in this issue is the "St. Petersburg" oval minaudiere of glossy snake-print leather with Crystallized Swarovski elements by Inge Christopher.
The last thing I will say about Inside Weddings (and I could go on forever) is that the Real Weddings section is really like no other I have ever come across in any other publication. Always the most beautiful weddings and the most creative ideas. The photography is always exceptional and I have been honored to be a part of three different weddings they have featured in the last couple of years. “Made in Manhattan” Winter 2006; “Secret Garden” Fall 2007 and "In Perfect Harmony" Spring 2007.
Thank you to Inside Weddings for always bringing us the most beautiful and unique wedding celebrations. It is always a pleasure to read your newest magazine and visit you online. Come back online soon!!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Blog Calendar!!!

Calendar of Events for August 2009

Good Morning all and Happy Monday!
Below is the schedule for the next three weeks through the end of August. Our focus will be our favorite resources for Brides and Grooms in regards to Media through publications and the web.

August 11-14, 2009
Favorite National Magazines
This week we will feature one National Magazine each day and talk about the things that we love about these publications and how they best serve our Brides and Grooms. We will also blog a little bit about our favorite article in the most current issue.

August 17-21, 2009
Favorite Internet Resources
This week we will feature some of our favorite Internet Resources. From party favors to wedding cake picture Galleries, check in to see what our favorite picks are to help you with the details for your special day.

August 24-28, 2009
Favorite Dallas Wedding Magazines
A shout out to my hometown! This week we will feature one local Dallas publication each day and talk about all the things we love about it. In addition, we will blog about our favorite article in the most current issue. The Dallas publications are definitely some of the best and some Dallas weddings certainly make a BIG impression, so we are excited to share with all of you!

We will publish the September Calendar of Events on Thursday, August 27, 2009!!
XOXO, Tamara

Friday, August 7, 2009

Looking Forward...

Let's talk purpose...No wait, let's talk Photography...A BIG THANK YOU TO GARY DONIHOO who is responsible for most of the pictures you will see of myself and Deborah on this blog. Gary rocks and his website is Now, I am going to start out by saying that the purpose of this blog is to stay in touch with all of you and be a helpful resource for Brides and Grooms everywhere...

Most blogs are a promotion of someone or someone's company...we have a website for that and although I cannot promise we will not talk about Fleur de Lis Weddings and Special Events, my assumption will be you know and respect what we do if you are on our blog. We also do not believe in exploiting our clients all over the Internet. Some of our clients do want to share their special events with you as well as their thoughts about us and those can all be found on our website as well which will launch in a couple of weeks... will this blog help you?? We are going to promote lots of other people on our site...for your that you can learn more about new people and places in our Industry and some of those that have been around can learn about every vendor resource you might need to plan your special event...and guess what??? You might just get to learn it from them instead of me...after all...they are the experts in their own fields. You can learn about things that are elegant and reserved and those that are completely over-the-top. You can learn about staying in the box (after all the box exists for a reason I always say...) or you can go as far outside the box as you like. We hope to be a resource for people who are launching new ventures, new products within their existing businesses and those moving on to bigger and better things...the movers and shakers I like to call them...

Where do we begin?? Well, my partner in Crime Deborah loves organization...those of you who know her well are smiling right on Monday you will see a calendar posted of the people and places we will be discussing the rest of this Month. The last week of August we will distribute a new calendar for the month of September and so on and so on...if you are interested in participating with us and guest blogging about you or your company please email us and we will try to get you on the calendar.
See you on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Well, as I am a little sentimental and this is a wedding blog after all...I shall begin this blog on my Fourth Wedding Anniversary! So, first things first...Happy Anniversary Alejandro! Thank you for four wonderful years and so far one incredible little legacy named Tomas.

I would also love to extend my warmest thanks to a few people that made my wedding such a wonderful celebration and who continue to be a blessing to Bride's and Groom's every weekend.

Ceremony: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
(Father John Libone)

Reception: The Westin Stonebriar
(Ms. Jill Price, Director of Catering)

Floral Design: Bella Flora of Dallas
Lucy and Cesar Diaz

Entertainment: Absolute Entertainment
Ice House Band

Makeup: Mayra Rams-Sanabria

Now, for some advice I have for Bride's and Groom's...words of wisdom, if you will, from a girl who has walked that aisle in addition to having planned hundreds of weddings over the last 13 years.

Relax, enjoy, stay in the moment and please try not forget what the day represents. I see so many people get wrapped up in the party and believe me, I have seen some of the most incredible parties imaginable and I concur that the party and the details are ultimately very important. All I ask is that you try to remember what is really going on and that the purpose of a wedding is for you and your partner to commit your love and devotion to each other forever in front of those you love the most and those who will support you throughout your lives together. If you can stay in the moment and feel the love that surrounds you, you will certainly be slightly overwhelmed...and being slightly overwhelmed will feel really good for a change...
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming Soon...

Hello all,
Thank you for checking out the Fleur de Lis Weddings and Special Events Blog! We will officially be launching this blog the first week of August 2009 and we promise nothing but new and exciting ideas every day about weddings and special events all over the world. Stay Tuned for all the latest and greatest information on planning your special day and getting ahead of all of the latest trends!!! Check us out August 6th for our Official Launch Day...and my Wedding Anniversary!!!!!