Monday, October 5, 2009

The Westin Stonebriar Resort

This week's first pick should not be too much of a surprise for those of you who know me, as the Westin Stonebriar Resort is where I held my wedding reception celebration over four years ago. I had an absolutely wonderful and beautiful celebration and much of that was due to the incredible job the Stonebriar did.

What I loved??? There were really five BIG reasons that I chose the Stonebriar and I believe Brides today are still choosing it based on these things. #1 I love the resort feel. Now, this is a personal preference of course, but I absolutely love environments where I can swim, golf, spa...aka: RELAX! I love to RELAX and I don't do it nearly enough. #2 It has the most elegant "Texas" flair. I was living in NY when I was planning my wedding and we had soooooooooo many people coming in from out of town so I was so happy to find a place that would give everyone a little taste of "The Texas" :) #3 Ann Evans! She was the catering sales manager at the time and I clicked with her right away. Although Ann has moved on and is now at the Westin Galleria, when I met the current Director of Catering, Jill Price, I felt the same way. They have a world class team and they are very, very serious about taking care of their clients. #4 The Pool...OK, I know it sounds silly, but did I mention I got married in August and it is hot as blazes in Texas in August??? The Westin Stonebriar has a FABULOUS pool with an awesome water slide!! The kids and my husbands friends can all attest to the waterslide being alot of fun! #5 F& that is what we hotel people call food and beverage and the culinary experience at the Stonebriar was outstanding! I still serve the La Crema Pinot Noir we all had with dinner at my annual "Pie Night"...more on that later.

The Ballrooms...are perfect. Elegant, very nicely appointed and very neutral in color. You can do absolutely ANYTHING in them decor wise and it will be beautiful! If you are getting married in Dallas you must take some time...go North...and visit the Westin Stonebriar Resort. It is well worth the drive. A little piece of Heaven right here in Frisco!!! Visit or call 972.668.8000 and ask for Jill Price!
XOXO, Tamara

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Plaza

She is an doubt about that and after a gazillion dollar renovation two years ago she looks awfully pretty too.

The Plaza is one of those places in New York everyone has heard of. It is one of the most beautiful buildings architecturally in the city and impossible to miss as it sits at one of the main entrances to Central Park. I have always loved the Plaza Hotel!!!!

The Oak Room and Oak Bar are the bomb. It is painfully pricey(isn't everything in NY??), but the food is impeccable and the service is second to none. It is such a warm and posh environment and they do allow private parties so make sure to look into these spaces for rehearsal dinners and more intimate receptions...or you can just splurge on a romantic dinner for two to celebrate your Engagement or Anniversary!!! They have added a Champagne Bar in the Lobby that is wonderful too. It is a perfect little spot to grab a drink before or after dinner.

The Ballroom...The Ballroom...The beautiful. Is there really any other description of this gorgeous room. Now, on the sort of odd side last time I saw it it was missing a chandelier in the center of the room...heard a few different stories of its whereabouts...but still not sure it turned up. Regardless, the room is beautiful and I love the balconies, but just something I noticed...The catering operation is run by a company called Great Performances and the young ladies and gentlemen there call themselves CPS Events. It is a great crew of people at the Plaza...many who I had the opportunity to work with at the Waldorf=Astoria. If you are interested in planning a special celebration with them please contact Emily Riefel.

The Terrace Room...The Terrace Room...The Terrace perfect for ceremonies and a beautiful room indeed. I do believe it requires a fairly large room rental, but it sems worth it and fair for such a gorgeous place to host your wedding ceremony.

The Hotel is run by Fairmont and you can visit them at for a quick look at the legendary Plaza Hotel. Eloise loved it as I would imagine all of you would as well. Enjoy!!!
XOXO, Tamara

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pierre

We were fortunate enough to do a beautiful wedding at the Pierre a few weeks ago and it was nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

The Ballrooms are absolutely beautiful!!! The hotel seems like it was perfectly built for a wedding ceremony, cocktails and dinner reception for 300 guests. I am not sure I can think of a better scenario for a wedding of this size in the city.

The guest rooms at The Pierre are stunning! Debs and I stayed in a beautiful one bedroom suite when we were there and we had every amenity at our fingertips. The rooms were gorgeous and I felt right at home...did you know they velcro the curtains to the wall so they always look perfect...just a little tidbit. I also really, really love the elevator operators!!!! There is just something about stepping into the elevator, seeing that little red velvet seat in the corner and being greeted by someone that pushes the button for me (my two year old does it too, but it just seems different :)). It is just one of those luxuries in life that I LOVE! The guest rooms and some of the public spaces have undergone a renovation recently and the style is really perfect in my humble opinion. The Lobby Bar is wonderful. The food is wonderful and service is great. I had a wonderful experience there!!!

Lastly, I must mention the group of gentlemen that work at The Pierre. These guys are AMAZING and they don't miss a beat. Bill Spinner and Chris Edmunds were impeccable. We appreciated them so much and cannot wait to work with them again. When you have a chance visit and check out the Pierre! If you are interested in hosting your wedding celebration or any other special event at The Pierre contact Bill Spinner...he is the King of Catering over there...I'm not sure of his official title so that's what I call him.
XOXO, Tamara